Whispering Walleye - Railroad Riverhouse

2 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms Sleeps 15 Huron

The large cabin is located on the river with a private area for relaxing and enjoying the view. Boat docks are available for guests to use, for an additional fee.

Larger groups may want to consider renting our entire venue for their stay. That way, all of the outdoor common areas would be for their exclusive use.

THE PROPERTY IS ADJACENT TO A RAILROAD. IF YOU HAVE ANY SENSITIVITY TO THIS, YOU SHOULD CONSIDER SOMETHING ELSE. Trains pass by with regularity throughout the day and night and their whistles can be very LOUD. Ear plugs are available in each of the cabins, for those sensitive to noise.

Smoking is prohibited other than in outdoor spaces. Cigarettes should be disposed of in the provided containers. Any evidence of smoking indoors will result in the loss of the security deposit.

Pets are not permitted on site.

Open flames, including candles are not permitted in any of our buildings.

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