Frequently Asked Questions

Booking Questions

What is the deposit and cancellation policy?

 50% of the total reservation value is due at the time of booking. The remaining 50% is due before 14 days of arrival and will automatically be collected. Reservations cancelled prior to 14 days of arrival are subject to a full refund, while reservations cancelled within 14 days of arrival are non-refundable. 

When booking direct on our website, there are no additional fees added to any reservation.

The hotel no longer guarantees specific room numbers or locations. Reservation requests, such as nearby rooms, will be noted but are not guaranteed.

Requests for early check-in and late check-out are available for purchase. Availability is very limited and based on occupancy and availability. An email or text message will be sent to you the day before arrival with availability for purchase.

Pets are not permitted on the grounds of the hotel or inside any guest rooms. Service animals must be under control at all times, and should be leashed, tethered, or otherwise harnessed in public areas. The only exception to this is if the leash directly interferes with a dog’s duties. All service animals need to be on a leash and must stay by their owner.

We do not have the ability to accept gift cards, vouchers, or any promotional codes received or purchased through Airriva.

Hotel General Questions

How do I get from the ferry drop-off to the hotel?

If you are taking the Miller Ferry, you will have to taxi from the ferry drop off location to the hotel. If taking the Jet Express, you can walk to the hotel or take a taxi. Low-cost taxi vehicles circle the island and are frequently available during drop off times.

Bayshore Resort is within walking distance to all restaurants, bars and attractions on the main strip. However, we recommend renting a golf cart to explore more remote parts of the island.

The hotel pools are private to hotel guests only. Wristbands are provided during the check-in process and are required to be worn while on the pool decks. However, the outdoor tiki bar and burger shack are available to the public.

The pool is heated when outdoor temperatures are below certain levels. A large outdoor hot tub is also available for guest use.

Island General Questions

Should I bring my vehicle to the island?

Vehicles are not necessary and golf carts are the standard method of transportation. Vehicles may be left at the ferry-port, and most boat lines offer secure parking. If you prefer to bring your vehicle to the island, you must purchase transportation through Miller Ferry. Please note that parking for cars and trucks at the hotel is very limited.

The availability of golf carts on the island is very limited with strong demand. If you are planning to reserve, please visit our website as soon as possible to secure the rental. Golf carts are available for overnight and daily usage.

We recommend checking out the following websites for the best information: 

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